Horstmann Brothers Landscaping PPC Case Study

73% increase in Leads in 30 Days

About Horstmann Brothers Landscaping

Horstmann Brothers, Inc. (HBI) is a commercial and residential landscape service company serving the metro St. Louis region. Established in 1988 by Paul & Phil Horstmann, HBI is proud of a reputation for high quality products, professional service, and a close eye for detail.

Our Proven High Converting Landing Page To Drive Inbound Phone Calls And Form Submissions

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Tracked Calls

Our Campaign Approach/Strategy

The strategy used for Horstmann Brothers is very similar to the strategy we use for all of our landscaping clients. The strategy consists of a few different areas of focus: landing page content, strong CTA’s (call to action),  and a diverse group of small, broken down Adgroups/keywords focused around the clients specific services. Working very closely with our client, our team did major location based keyword research to pin point exactly what the search terms people in the clients area were searching for on a daily basis.

Once that research was complete, we began to initiate the very first round of Adgroups & keywords into the campaign as well as setting all the geo-locations, ad-extentions and adcopy. The first months results were overwhelming for the client. They actually asked us to pause their campaign for 7 days so they could catch up form all the phone calls and web leads that were generated through the Adwords campaign.

  • Increase in lead volume
  • Increase in lawn maintenance jobs
  • Increase in tree service jobs
  • Increase in lawn mowing jobs


We built out a landing page with several CTA’s (call to actions) pushing people to take action with either a phone call or by submitting a web form request for more information. We also added proof of previous work to establish trust signals on the page. The clients results with the landing page compared to the regular homepage of the website were impactful.


The main challenge for Horstmann Brothers Landscaping was increasing their exposure locally to people who are searching for their exact services and capturing those people either via contact form or phone call. Before Horstmann joined Epic Digital, the landscaping company struggled to gain local exposure, web traffic and leads to their website. Our team knew that it could be a difficult task since there are many other landscaping companies around the same area. However, we knew that with our experience and with the proper strategy in place, we would have no trouble marketing this brand successfully and driving the amount of leads needed for them to reach the next level.

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